‘Worthless’ Cat Finally Experienced Love

Iron the cat had never experienced love in his life, until his final year. Iron was a stray cat that got noticed when a video of him was posted on Facebook. He was eventually rescued by two volunteers and brought to the vet clinic for medical help. Iron had a bad eye, a mutilated tail and suffered from skin problems. In addition, Iron was infected with FIV (Feline Imunnodeficiency Virus), which was in its chronic stages already.

Due to his iron-strong will to stand up on his own even when he was sedated, he was named Iron by the volunteers. After a few days of care, Iron became a loving cat who constantly meowed for attention whenever the staff was nearby.

The staff would respond by opening the door to his crate and pet him. At the vet clinic, Iron also befriended another white cat named Powder. Like Iron, Powder was also infected with FIV so there was no need to separate the two.

Iron and Powder would go everywhere with each other and spend most of their time in each other’s presence. After finding out that Iron loves to sunbathe, the volunteers built a small throne next to window just for him. The antibiotics and Iron’s special diet made some improvements on his health, but it was not enough.

After some time, Iron started to retreat into himself and would always stay in his spot by the window, not caring about what happened in the room. Iron spent his final days simply staring out the window, without even turning to look at anyone or anything. On 26 April 2017. Iron passed away in his sleep, under the rays of the morning sun. Although Iron’s life was short, he had finally experienced the love that he deserved.

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