Woman Spots Motionless Dog, And Rushes To Save His Life

One notorious place amongst animal lovers was Echo Lake Park, in Fort Worth, Texas. The area is known for being an infamous dumping ground for unwanted, old or sickly dogs. One woman named Judy Obregon has saved many puppies and dogs abandoned there, which was the same for this dog. Earlier on, she had spotted a dog lying on the ground motionless, it also appeared to be lifeless. She approached him and assumed that he was already dead due to the lack of movement. Fortunately, this poor stray dog was still alive, as she discovered. Judy quickly rushed him to the local veterinary hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Nicknamed the local ‘dog lady’, Judy runs a rescue organization named The Abandoned Ones. Their cause was to give surviving discarded dogs a second chance in life. Many dogs previously dumped at Echo Lake Park were once bait dogs in dogfighting rings, but discarded once proven to be no longer useful.

Judy checks the park on a weekly basis for any survivors. Luckily for this dog, she had found him just in time.

Vets believed that dog (now named Blue) may have ingested some poison. He was extremely weak because of it, but was able to regain his strength eventually. As the days went by, Blue began to regain his appetite as well. He even got well enough to go for a walk! Despite his ordeal, Blue had remained a positive, happy and friendly dog. Staff at the animal hospital are currently on the lookout for a foster home suitable for Blue until he is ready to be adopted. Get well soon, Blue!

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below!

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