Woman Rescues Two Beaten, Broken & Neglected Bait Dogs From Their Private Hell

Sadly, dog fighting is a reality in many parts of the country. Just last week in Philadelphia a woman saw two bait dogs sitting on her porch in need of help.

The two dogs were bleeding and broken – and they were malnourished.

Tara Whitaker was saddened to see the dogs in such bad shape and spent several hours caring for them as best she could while waiting for help.

Tara gave them food, and they inhaled it as if they hadn’t eaten in days.

The dogs were in obvious pain and were very scared.

The organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, took over care of the two dogs – named Dizzy and Sweet Pea.

Take a look at these poor dogs:


Rescue Dogs Rock reported that Dizzy is in extreme pain and terrified of people Sweet Pea has a painfully swollen face, but it in a better than Dizzy both mentally and emotionally.

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