Woman Notices A Dog Lying Beside A Trash Bag On The Side Of The Road

A woman named Karen Smith Clark was driving along a road in Glasgow, Kentucky, when her dog suddenly became alerted to something. She looked to see what her dog was barking and whining about, and that’s when she noticed it — a dog lying beside a trash bag on the side of the road.


There’s no way to prove it now, but Karen believes the dog was dumped there in the trash bag and left for dead. If so, the dog was lucky and managed to escape. If that wasn’t the case, the dog was still clearly mistreated and abandoned and needed help in the worst way.


The woman gave the pup some water, and he drank it up quickly. Without food and water for who knows how long, he was in bad shape. She named him Arthur and took him to the Barren River Animal Welfare Association where they diagnosed him with a bad case of mange and a severe yeast infection.


Arthur was treated for both, and he’s now in recovery. He’s already doing so much better and eating more and more. And he just keeps wagging that tail! 🙂


Arthur will remain on his medications for a few more months while the clinic continues to monitor and care for him. In time, he’ll be put up for adoption. Besides the few skin issues, he’s a healthy dog and very lucky! 🙂

Karen found this sweet boy just in time, and her dog is a big reason for that. What a story!

h/t I Love My Dog So Much

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