Woman Makes a Tiny Sweater to Save Orphaned Kitten Found Shivering in the Cold

Casaundra Maimone

The kitty is doing much better. She has put on weight, gained plenty of strength, and even found a fluffy friend, Winnie the Therapy Dog, to cuddle with.

“Orphaned kittens bring with them hours of hard work, but also the reward of joy when they’re finally adopted into a loving home,” Juliet’s House said.

Casaundra Maimone

Watch the kitten rescue journey in this video:

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Meanwhile, another orphaned kitten was brought to the rescue after she was saved from a river.

“The decision was made to keep the two kittens together so that they could have each other’s companionship as they grew and learned,” Robyn of Juliet’s House said.

Casaundra Maimone

The little tabby girl is now eating like a champ and thriving.

She even got a kitten-sized bib to help her stay clean when she bottle feeds.

Casaundra Maimone

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