Woman Makes a Tiny Sweater to Save Orphaned Kitten Found Shivering in the Cold

Nearly two weeks ago, a Good Samaritan found a little tabby kitten outside, shivering in the cold.

A tiny sweater helped save her life.

Casaundra Maimone

The 1-week-old kitten was brought in to Juliet’s House Animal Rescue (in Greensboro, North Carolina) without a mother in sight.

“She was found abandoned outside all by herself. The people who found her waited almost all day to see if a mom cat might return to get her but to no avail,” Casaundra Maimone, a volunteer of Juliet’s House, said.

The tabby was cold to the touch when she arrived. Casaundra knew the first thing she had to do was bring her temperature back to normal.

“I had to warm her up slowly before I could safely feed her. I wrapped her in a baby blanket and rubbed her with my hands for about 20 minutes,” she said.

Casaundra Maimone

It brought warmth and life back into that tiny body. It was then Casaundra knew she was ready to be fed, one drop at a time. “When she first latched onto the bottle, I felt optimistic about her chances.”

After getting some food down, the little bundle of fur perked up a little and even started to meow and purr. She was placed in a carrier covered in blankets with a heating pad set to low.

To help keep her warm at all times, Casaundra put her in a tiny onesie made just for orphaned kittens.

Casaundra Maimone

She is very tiny and frail so the little newborn sweaters are perfect for her and help keep her warm. They are from an awesome non-profit project called ‘Orphaned Kitten Sweaters,’” Casaundra said.

The tabby girl fell asleep in her foster mom’s hand the first night. Her belly was full and she felt warm and comforted.

“Kittens under two weeks can’t regulate their own body temperature yet so it’s important to keep them in a temperature controlled environment.”

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