Woman Calls Officer ‘Abusive’ After He Tells Her To Sit In Hot Car She Left Her Dog In

While we are not always in favor of police officers coming up with cruel and/or unusual punishments, the cop in this story came up with a punishment that certainly fit the crime and we support the decision 110 percent. When one woman decided that it was okay to leave her dog in a hot car on a sweltering summer day, she never could have guessed what would happen next.

Officer Kreischer found the dog suffering inside of the vehicle while the woman was grocery shopping and the New Mexico heat was causing the dog to experience a great deal of discomfort. Instead of listening to what the officer had to say, the woman decided to offer the policeman a hearty helping of nastiness and attitude instead. This was her first mistake and it led to an interesting confrontation.

The temperatures were nearing triple digits outside and by the officer’s estimation, the dog was forced to endure a temperature of at least 114 degrees Fahrenheit while the owner was in the store for “just ten minutes”. When she was initially confronted about this behavior, her mentality was overly callous and dismissive. That’s why the officer decided it was time to teach her a lesson.

The officer brought up a very valid point when the woman claimed that the car wasn’t that hot. He told her that she should be willing to sit in the car herself since the conditions were not that bad, in her estimation. Officer Kreischer also told her that he was going to write her a ticket and asked if she could sit in the car while he did so, as it was not too hot.

When she protested this treatment, the officer reminded her that she had zero issues with subjecting her dog to the extreme heat. This story is a valuable reminder about the importance of treating your animals in the manner that you would like to be treated. Instead of accepting what this well meaning officer had to say, the woman decided that she would contact a local news station to complain.

Would you like to see what came of this woman’s ill timed complaint? Was the news station on her side or did they side with the officer who arrived on the scene? Be sure to check out this interesting clip if you would like to find out more about this officer’s encounter with a heartless pet owner.

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