Watch The Heart-Warming Reunion Of Military Working Dog and Handler After 7 Years Apart

A former K9 handler was reunited with the military working dog he worked alongside in Afghanistan after the pair spent 7-years apart.

In 2010, Robert William Nacy was in Afghanistan working alongside soldiers as a bomb-sniffing dog handler with his military working dog partner, a Belgian Malinois named Kelly.

When Nacy left Afghanistan in 2011, Kelly remained on the job. After 6 more years of service, Kelly was finally retired from service and returned to the United States where she was fostered with Anne Gibbs at the non-profit Canine Hero Haven in Pennsylvania.

When Nacy learned that Kelly was back in the states and ready to find a forever home, he jumped at the opportunity to be reunited with the dog that had saved his and countless other lives in Afghanistan some 7 years earlier.

Nacy, living in Arizona at the time, traveled to Pennsylvania to meet his longtime K-9 friend. After so many years working in Afghanistan, Nacy said it’s about time his newly adopted dog has a well-deserved retirement.

“First meal on the agenda is a nice T-bone, so I’m going to sit her at the table. We’ll both have one, and we’ll call it retirement,” said Nacy.

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