Veterinarian Caught on Camera Dumping Dead Dog on Owner’s Driveway

A Lansing, Michigan family thought their dog was at the vet receiving life-saving treatment. That was, until the following day when they returned home and discovered their dog’s body, wrapped in plastic and dumped on their driveway like trash. Now, the family are desperate for answers.

Moose was a one-and-a-half-year-old pit bull. The couple (who wished to remain anonymous) told WLNS they took the dog to their veterinarian after he became lethargic and started vomiting repeatedly. They were given medication and told to follow up the next day.

The following day, Moose’s condition had not improved, so they took the dog to Comprehensive Animal Hospital in Lansing for another opinion. The veterinarian, Dr. Bola Agbona, planned to administer IV fluids for Moose who had become dehydrated. But, the family says he didn’t seem to have any answers, saying “‘um well it could be this, it could be that,’ and at that point we’re both like we don’t care what it is just fix him, you know what I’m saying…we need our dog.”

That’s when, the couple said, Dr. Agbona told them to leave and that he’d follow up on Moose’s condition. But, the family says they never heard back. They claim they tried contacting the veterinarian later that day, but their calls went unanswered.

The next day, still unsure about Moose’s condition, the couple returned home and made the grave discovery. Their dog’s body was wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped on the driveway.

When they watched home surveillance camera footage, they discovered Dr. Agbona himself carrying Moose’s body and tossing it onto the driveway before turning around and driving off.

WLNS spoke to Dr. Agbona who said the couple could not afford Moose’s medical care and that the dog had died while they were in the hospital lobby. He claims the couple drove away upset, leaving him unsure of what to do with the dog’s body.

Dr. Agbona says he didn’t have any other options and it was his way of “helping the family out.” He feels he handled the situation the best way he could. A formal complaint has been filed against the veterinarian which will go before a board to determine if there was any wrongdoing.

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