Teacher Accused Of Feeding A Puppy To A Reptile In Front Of Students!

The authorities are currently investigating reports of a junior high teacher doing something you really wouldn’t expect, it’s not only wrong but barbaric…

It was reported that he has been accused of feeding a puppy, while it was still alive, to one of the classroom reptiles and all the students had to watch!

The school district has issued a statement to say that the incident happened after the students had been dismissed from their classroom.

He said the puppy was sick, but that’s not a reason for anyone to do such a thing, feeding a puppy to a reptile, have you ever heard of such cruelty?

Robert Crosland… The Teacher who fed A puppy to a reptile (allegedly…)

Parent Jill Parrish said:

“What I have learned in the last four days is disgusting …It is sick. It is sick.”

Jill seemed to be the only one who filed a police report, about the science teacher, called Robert Crosland. She went to the police after she heard what had happened that day in the school.

Jill said:

“Allowing children to watch an innocent baby puppy scream because it is being fed to an animal, that is violence …That is not OK.”

Este Hull, a 7th grader, said:

“I’ve only heard him feed, like, mice or birds to his animals …I feel a little bit better than it was a puppy that was going to die, not just a healthy puppy.”

That seemed to be the general consensus among parents too!

Annette Salvesen, a parent, said:

“If it was a deformed puppy and it was going to die anyway, (it) is very much circle of life”

Some of the other parents also seemed to stand by this too!?

Julie Johnson, a parent, said:

“He’s the best science teacher Preston Junior High has.”

The County Sheriffs Department, David Fryar, said that they are investigating the incident.

He said:

“We’re investigating the facts and turning it over to the prosecutor …He’s the one who will determine if the law has been broken.”

It was also announced that the teacher in question is still employed, and while it is under investigation, he will not be placed on any kind of leave, at all!

Even if the puppy was going to die anyway this really was the way to do it, tell us what you think in the comments below…

Jill Parrish said:

“There’s a lot of humane things you can do …Feeding a live animal to a reptile is not humane, and it’s not OK.”

Some of the parents say that it’s just the natural circle of life…

One of the parents said: “If you’re not fine with it, leave the room.”

The school issued a statement that said that they thought that the incident was regrettable, but that it was in no way part of the school directed program! They do say that they are taking precautions to ensure it never happens again!

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