San Antonio City Council Approved Ban On Dog Chaining

As of late, dogs are currently no longer be allowed to be tethered with cruel and heavy metal chains, right in the city of San Antonio. The ban, accompanied by some key changes to the city’s local animal laws, were approved on a Thursday, by the San Antonio City Council.

This meant that dogs are not allowed to be left outside unsupervised – which meant that dogs must be raised properly and preferably, indoors. At last, one city in which an act of exhibiting animal cruelty is legally disapproved.

The ban also carries other changes to the revised animal ordinance, which include the following:

  • Stricter spay-neuter requirements for dog breeds which are legally declared dangerous or repeatedly impounded for roaming are enforced by ACS (Animal Care Services) staff.
  • ACS officers are now authorized to impound pets that are sold in illegal locations, such as by the roadside or at flea markets without a litter permit issued.
  • The allowable number of chickens in city limits have been increased to eight, although it still varies accordingly to set housing restrictions.
  • Each household shall own no more than one rooster.

These enhanced laws are declared to reinforce a strict focus on strengthening both public safety and humane care towards animals. ACS Director Heber Lefgren has described the new laws as a new way to “promote and protect a community’s quality of life.” He also added:”The improved ordinance does just that by considering the balance between animal care and control as well as pets and people.”

With the above mentioned revised ordinance, it has already taken immediate effect as we speak. In addition, ACS has announced that they will be initiating a bilingual outreach campaign (which spans 6 months) to help the locals in addressing their concerns as well as in learning more about the new laws.

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