Poor Puppy Found With Over 100 Mango Worms Buried Under The Skin

Household pests such as rats and cockroaches – we already hate them so.

But another species as seen in the program ‘Monsters Inside Me’ is even more gruesome than the former – internal pests.

These pests come in the form of worm larvae, which could bury through your skin and even live inside your hair follicles. This often scars the skin, leaving an open wound.

A few months’ old puppy was brought to Animal Care Gambia, a local veterinary clinic. Its frail body was infested with mango worms.

These pests are very common in Gambia, as mango worms thrive in wet and unhygienic conditions surrounded by animal manure.

The pup’s paws showed open holes, with larvae bodies peeking out slightly.

Luckily, the larvae remained on the surface of the dog’s skin, making them easy to extract.

The mango worm larvae even buried through the skin beneath the puppy’s chin.

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