Pit Bulls Left To Die In Abandoned Home Wag Their Tails At Their Rescuer

How could someone ever abandon their animal? We really don’t get it. Dogs are so full of happiness and unconditional love. Why would you abandon them? It really breaks our hearts. These two pit bulls were left caged up and abandoned in an empty house, but luckily rescuers came to help them out.


Their family had left them behind in the empty house. One was in a cage, the other allowed to roam freely. However, the house was filthy and had not been lived in for some time. It was not a healthy environment for the pit bulls, who were clearly malnourished and sad. However, neighbors rang for help after they heard barking in the house.

rescue pit bulls

And they called the right place. Frankie Florida of Guardians of Rescue took the rescue mission and filmed what he found in the house. Along with his team, they freed the two pit bulls from captivity and are looking to rehome them. The pair, one male and the other female, were obviously excited to see humans again. Their tails were wagging furiously in their excitement and joy. -Advertisement-

“This is how we found them. Alone in an empty house scared and defeated. The conditions of the house were terrible,” said Frankie. “Good thing we got there before something bad happened to them.”

rescue pit bulls


Guardians of Rescue named the dogs Max and Sky. They are now in foster homes and nearly ready to be adopted into a forever home. Things are looking bright for their health as well. However, it’s heartbreaking that they were abandoned in the first place. Maybe it’s time you adopted a dog, but only if you are able to take care of them. -Advertisement-

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rescue pit bulls

You can check out Guardians of Rescue’s video on Facebook.

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