Paralyzed Rottweiler Found in a Dumping Ground Gets a Second Chance

Susanna was taken to Mueller Animal Hospital where they tried to figure out why the poor dog couldn’t walk and what caused her paralyzes. 

Only after a couple of days spent in intensive care, Susanna showed her rescuers and the medical staff that she was willing to fight for her life. She got sparkles in her eyes and everyone knew she was a fighter. 

The most amazing thing was that despite her ordeal, she only had love for those who helped her survive while she was on the brink of death. Her caregivers received a bunch of licks and sweet kisses. That was Susanna’s way of thanking them for everything they did for her. 

The reason behind Susanna’s inability to walk was her owner’s maltreatment towards her. She had probably spent those three years of her life in a tiny crate that deformed her legs and caused her arthritis. The medical staff also determined that she was used as a breeding dog. 

The time and the love everyone around her put into Susanna’s healing along with lots of exercise and swimming led to her ability to walk again. 

Her recovery is steady, but eventually, she will be able to heal completely. As for now, she spends her days around other dogs and she loves it. 

She also loves getting belly rubs from the people who gave her a second chance for life.

Currently, she’s in foster care, but we are sure her forever family is somewhere there waiting for this awesome dog to become their best furry pal. 

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