Non-Pregnant Dog Starts Lactating To Save Abandoned Kitten’s Life

Prepare yourself – this story will make your heart ever so happy.

Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith responded to a call about a barking dog. When she got to the scene, she was speechless.

She found a Shih Tzu and a kitten at the bottom of a steep ravine in South Carolina. The dog was nursing the tiny kitten!

Smith was able to pick the pair up and take them back to Anderson County P.A.W.S.

Wouldn’t you just love to know how those two found each other? What an amazing story that must be!

At the shelter, the ‘momma’ dog and her kitten were kept together. The two were inseparable.

Here you can see the momma dog moving her baby to a better spot.

The shelter staff reports that the dog is producing milk – it is called ‘pseudopregnancy.’

Her milk is the only reason that the tiny kitten in still alive.

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