Mama Dog Found Abandoned And Sealed In A Box Along With Her 9 Puppies

Abandoning helpless animals is something only a cruel person can do. It’s heart-breaking to know that someone can treat a living soul with such disrespect as to seal them in a box and throw them at a landfill to die.

This time, it wasn’t just one animal who suffered this tragic faith, but a mam dog with nine of her puppies. 

The box they were placed in was left at the Puntzi Lake Landfill in British Columbia, Canada. Luckily, a passerby noticed it and approached to see what it had inside. To his surprise, a bunch of tiny eyes looked at him when he opened it. 

The sweet babies were only a week old and they needed to be taken to hospital right away. The vet said they were in a good health condition, but who knows what would have happened to them if they weren’t spotted on time. 

The next day, the mama and her babies were taken to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BC SPCA). The staff there tried finding a foster home for the dog family, but as that didn’t happen, they were transferred to the BC SPCA’s Quesnel and District branch.

At the moment, the mama dog whom they named Casey is taking care of her little ones at the shelter. She learned to trust humans again and loves spending her time around people who pat her and give her hugs. 

Until the babies turn 7 weeks old, they will be staying at the BS SPCA. The staff there, along with the authorities, are doing their best to track down the culprit who put the dogs’ lives in danger in the first place. 

“There is help available for pet guardians who are struggling to care for their animals,” said Lorie Chortyk, the BC SPCA’s general manager of communications. “They can reach out to a local rescue or the SPCA instead of abandoning them.”


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