Homeless Man Went Out Of His Way To Save Dog Thrown Out Of Speeding Car

Despite the joy and happiness we are supposed to have at this time of the year, the reality is that not everyone receives kindness, and many are still in great suffering.

Although realistically we ought to be helping the needy around us always, it never hurts to receive a reminder that comes with this time of the year to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

‘Tis the season for giving, after all – and even those of us who feel like we have nothing to give can still offer words of support and encouragement.

Or in the case of a homeless man Ron Howell, the gift of a second chance at life for an abandoned Chihuahua dog.

Ron Howell was a homeless man from Salt Lake City in the state of Utah.

He was a familiar sight on the 700 East near the I-80 west offramp, where he normally spent most of his days holding up a sign near a highway.

He did this on a nearly daily basis in hopes of someone giving him some money so he could continue surviving, or even better – a work offer.

Angel Janes was a woman who had happened to be passing by when she came across Howell, and offered him the only thing she could afford to spare at the time – a stick of cigarette.

It was then she noticed that Howell was holding onto something, and the way he held it against his own body suggested it to be something of utmost importance.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a Chihuahua wrapped up against the cold in a blanket.

It was clear that the dog was Howell’s priority, although it was a mystery as to where he had gotten it from.

Janes couldn’t help asking about the dog, and she soon learned the story.

As it turned out, Howell had spotted the poor dog being dumped on the busy freeway by a woman in a car, who quickly sped away.

Fearing for the abandoned creature’s life, Howell rushed over to sweep up the dog before it could be run over by the many cars that were speeding down the road.

Since then, he has felt a kindred spirit with this dog, having noted that it was now homeless – just like himself.

Touched by this man’s act of kindness, Janes turned to Facebook to share Howell’s story in hopes of getting him and the dog some help.

Her story spread quickly, and was soon shared to a Facebook group for local animal lovers by a woman named Kathleen Dallmann.

The dog was quickly adopted – a happy ending. But what of the hero himself?

UPDATE WITH RON: Met with Ron tonight to give him all the money that was donated. I wish i could have got his original reaction because he was seriously freaking out, crying, and kept saying, "Are you sure this is for me!? From who, from who!? Who would do this for me!!?? For a homeless man!!??" I told him it was from the community, giving back because they were inspired by him and want to make sure he has a happy ending just like that dog that he saved from getting hit by a car and found a good warm home for. He said multiple times people have loaded up all his belongings in a truck and drove off with it. That people usually call him horrible names, so he just couldn't believe it. He looked through the envelope like 10 times because he really couldn't believe it. He said he promises that he will not let us down!! He was like, "This man isn't sleeping on the street tonight!!!" Then the second thing he said he was going to do was to go to get a phone so he can stay connected. I have literally never seen anyone so excited in my life and shed a couple tears myself, seriously a million dollar response. He wanted to donate some of it for food for the dog, I told him we got it under control. All of you are soooo amazing. You gave him the will to fight the good fight. Keeping the go fund me up for a little bit longer in case anyone anyone wants to donate. Not every day you get to hand a homeless man $400 plus dollars, thanks everyone! We have continued the gofundme, if you are interested in helping please click on the link below! 🙂 Angel Janes Dutch Whitlock Lisa Donaldsonhttps://www.gofundme.com/Helpahomelesshero

Publiée par Kathleen Dallmann sur Lundi 2 avril 2018

As it turns out, Dallmann was not an idle person, and couldn’t stop thinking about the man who tried to help even when he himself had nothing.

She then started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to get Howell off the streets and into a safe home himself.

As of present writing, the fundraiser is still ongoing, and has only secured a little over $6,800 out of the $10,000 goal to help Howell.

If you are interested in donating to help this man, you can find the link to the campaign here.

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