Foster Dad Who Refused To Euthanize This Puppy Heartbroken After What The Vet Tells Him

When Nubby, the puppy, was born without his front legs, the only reasonable thing to do according to the vets was to put him down. Although his mother didn’t reject him, he wasn’t able to keep up with his siblings and found it quite difficult to get to her to nurse.

The woman who fostered this lovely puppy, Lou Robinson, was convinced at first that the dog wouldn’t last long before he died.

Robinson and her husband, Mark, live in Houston, Texas.

Image Credit: Lou Robinson

Lou has been rescuing animals for many years and even founded a rescue group named Warriors Educate About Rescue.

Image Credit: Lou Robinson

She teaches classes to the community about how to care for animals. The group makes a calendar that features Texas firefighters.

Here you see that Nubby no longer has to compete with anyone – for love or food! Nubby needed to be bottle fed around the clock.

Image Credit: Lou Robinson

Day after day, Nubby ate and grew and grew!

Image Credit: Lou Robinson

Finally, he opened his little eyes, and he found his voice. Then things took a turn. Nubby wasn’t interested in eating anymore and even started blowing milk bubbles out of his nose.

Image Credit: Lou Robinson

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