Family Dumps Loyal Dog At Shelter Because They Are Having A Baby

Animal shelters serve good purpose for those dogs who wander alone on the streets with no one by their side to take care of them. But, when a dog that was kept at home for a long time ends up in a shelter, that’s a quite different story. Most of the pets who are left at the shelters have no clue how or better said WHY did they end up there. One moment they are among humans who love them,and the next they are all by themselves in a place they’ll never learn to consider home, likely lonely, sad, and abandoned.

Rocco, a beautiful dog, was left at the Dallas Animal Services in Texas, USA. When he arrived at the shelter he was terrified. Forsaken and clueless, he was probably wondering what was going on.

One woman took a notice of Rocco and felt sorry for him that she decided to film him in hopes of showing it to someone who would take him from the shelter and give him a home.

Fortunately, Preethi Pillaipakkam watched the video and wanted to help.


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Good morning!!! Happy Saturday… I like to sit tall and stare at mom…

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Malnourished and afraid

An employee told Preethi that the reason for letting Rocco behind was supposedly the plan of his owners to welcome a new family member. They probably believed raising a baby with a dog wasn’t a good idea. Anyways, Rocco was now in her hands.

After Preethi picked Rocco up – with the aim of providing him with a loving new home – she knew she had work ahead of her if the dog was ever to trust her.

Rocco was extremely shy for the first few days. He ate very little food, and did his best to explore his new environment, but he didn’t understand where he was, or why he’d been moved again.

However, it didn’t take long for Preethi to forge a bond with Rocco – one that enabled him to open up and show his true colors.

Below is the video showing Roccos amazing personality. He’s now living the life every dog out there deserves to have. He’s curious, excited and most importantly happy. He has a long way to go, for sure, but one thing’s for certain: He’s on the right path.

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