Family buries dog hit by car – however, 14 hours later, he’s waiting outside their front door

Mugsy ‘died’ in his owner’s arms after he was hit by a car. But 14 hours after the funeral, he made a special appearance.

It was about 3 p.m. when Maloney says Mugsy was hit by a car outside his girlfriend Viola Tiszl’s house in Severna Park, MD.  Maloney picked his dog up in a panic, but he ‘died’ in his arms. Grieving and panicking, Maloney did not know what else to do. He checked to see if Mugsy was breathing, but he concluded that his beloved 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier was no longer breathing and had no heartbeat. Maloney had been watching his 2 children, daughter Megan and son Kevin before the car accident happened. He did not want the 2 children to see their beloved dog dead, thus he told them to stay inside. 

“I was really upset. So I buried him quick and I didn’t even tell the children. I didn’t have the nerve to tell the children, until like seven o’clock that night. Mugsy was dead,” Maloney recalls. The family later on gathered outside to have a small goodbye ceremony to for Mugsy. Megan wanted to put a cross on Mugsy’s grave and her father promised her that they would put one up in the morning. The family said a prayer for Mugsy, and headed back inside. However, at 5:30 a.m in the morning, they awoke to a scratching noise at the door. After Maloney opened the door, he found Mugsy staring right back at him!

Mugsy was covered in dirt and had bloodshot eyes, thus Malaoney decided to check the grave – the dog had dug itself out of it! His girlfriend Tiszl and Maloney himself were shocked at first and thought that it was just another dog who looked like Mugsy. But Maloney checked its dog tag – it was definitely Mugsy whom he had buried earlier.

Mugsy’s vet presumed that after a 6-hour nap, Musgy did dig his way out of the ‘grave’ he was laid to rest. His heart rate, breathing and pulse were so slow-paced that it was hard to tell if he was alive, due to the lack of vital signs. The family were gald that it was just a misunderstanding, and were thankful to be reunited with Mugsy once again.

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