Dog Trapped At Slaughterhouse Refuses To Let Go Of The Man Who Saved Her

The 4-month-old doggie was locked down inside a metal pen as she watched a butcher snatch many dogs and mercilessly kill them for their meat.

The dogs wailed in agony, and Sanie’s skin shook as she watched everything occur. Any minute now, it would be her turn. In any case, at that point, something happened to change her future.

Michael Chour, author of The Sound of Animals, a group that spares hounds from the meat exchange Southeast Asia, visited the slaughterhouse in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where Sanie and two different dogs were being kept.

Chour attempted to persuade the proprietor to give up every one of the three dogs to him, disclosing to him it would bring him great karma.

Be that as it may, the proprietor wouldn’t surrender two of the canines, clarifying that they’d just been sold. He did, be that as it may, disclose to Chour that he could take Sanie.

Chour realized that Sanie was petrified, so he slithered into the cage with her to attempt to pick up her trust.

“She was growling and shaking,” Chour said. “But I made her smell my hand and slowly approached her.”

At the point when Chour tenderly contacted Sanie’s head, she froze, likely thinking about whether he was going to kill her.

Be that as it may, Chour was persistent. He addressed her in a delicate, calming voice, revealing to her that she was sheltered — and Sanie appeared to get it.

At the point when Chour put his hand underneath her belly, she enabled him to embrace her.

“When I got out of the cage, she was still terrified, and she was looking at the butcher,” Chour said. “But after I turned my back to him, she pushed herself against me, and put her head under mine.”

Chour believes that Sanie used to have a home in Cambodia, yet somebody got her from her family’s property and offered her to the slaughterhouse.

While Chour doesn’t believe it’s possible to locate Sanie’s unique proprietor, he’s guaranteed Sanie he’ll keep her safe and find her another family.

“She knows perfectly well that I saved her and she feels my love,” Chour said. “Dogs are intelligent and they understand things.”

After getting checked by the vet, Chour took Sanie back to his group’s shelter, Blue Dream, where Sanie will meet other dogs rescued from the meat trade.


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