Depressed Dog Was Alone For 2 Years – But One Day She Picks Up A Familiar Scent

Before the winter holidays last year, a pit bull named Roxie was dropped off at the Trio Animal Foundation shelters by her owners. They told the shelter manager that they have no further use for the dog and simply left her there. Upon inspecting Roxie, it was clear that she had been used for breeding and left in a bad shape.

Poor Roxie was emaciated and had skin infections on her stomach area, which led the shelter staff to believe that she had been kept outdoors or in a basement for most of her life. The vets at the shelter guessed that Roxie’s skin infections was a result of lying on a wet material for a long period of time.

Aside from her health problems. Roxie was a very fearful dog and would not make eye contact with anyone. Her eyes would remain fixated on the ground and her body would be hunched forward, signaling that Roxie had a deep fear of humans.

If anyone crouched down in front of her, Roxie would scurry behind that person without making any eye contact. Roxie remained in the animal hospital for six weeks before being transferred to rescue center when she had recovered sufficiently.

Although Roxie was still timid in front of people, she has improved since her first arrival, thanks to the care and plentiful amount of treats the staff gave her. Roxie did not make drastic improvements until she met her first friend. Brigid Nolan, the medical and shelter director for Trio Animal Foundation owned a young pit bull named Augustus, who was a rescue dog himself. Augustus had been previously starved, shot and even burnt before his rescue back in 2016.

Nolan introduced Augustus to Roxie and the pair got along instantly. The pair spent most of their time together by running around and playing outdoors. Socializing with Augustus has since boosted Roxie’s self-confidence as she no longer cowers in front of people and looked a lot happier.

Roxie has made a full recovery and is now looking for her forever home. If you would like to adopt Roxie, please apply through the Trio Animal Foundation’s website. Alternatively, you can also make a donation to the shelter if you want to show your support for animals like Roxie.

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