Couple rescues neglected dog from neighbors’ backyard

Animal Advocates Society

Finally, the neighbors couldn’t bear seeing this dog abused and neglected any longer. They decided to rescue him, ao under the cover of night, they freed the poor dog from his backyard prison.

Animal Advocates Society

And just like that, the dog was saved! He was given a name—Alfie—and a loving home, where he could finally live the life that every dog deserves to life.

For once in his life, Alfie could run, play, get belly rubs, and feel love.

Animal Advocates Society

Alfie’s muzzle and chains were gone…

Animal Advocates Society

And replaced with the joy of freedom.

Animal Advocates Society

But Alfie’s trust of humans didn’t come over night, though. The damage done by years of abuse could only be overcome by the love and car of his dedicated family.

They never stopped working on building him back up—at home, on walks, and in classes.

Animal Advocates Society
Animal Advocates Society

Alfie continued to blossom until the very end. And thanks to his very special family, Alfie was able to live out his long life as happy as a dog can be!

I’m so glad Alfie was given a second chance at life and was able to share so many happy years with his family.

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