Couple Finds Dog Stuffed Into Bag, Then Make Gruesome Discovery When Freed

Texas couple Wade Shapp and his wife, Mandi, were driving home from church one Sunday. It seemed like an ordinary day. Little did they know they would discover something, or someone, who needed their help desperately.

On the side of the road was something moving in a small bag. As they got closer, a little head popped up. Wade slammed on his breaks.

“We were on a country road on the way back to our house … and I looked over while I was driving, and I saw a dog’s head pop up,” Wade told The Dodo.

Even though the couple lives in a rural area where a lot of dogs have free reign, something wasn’t right. Wade and Mandi got out of the car, and to their dismay, they found a dog tied up inside a feed bag. And from the looks of it, he was stuffed inside that bag on purpose!

“You could tell that it was done intentionally. There was rope tied around the bottom, so he didn’t have much room to move,” he explained.

The couple didn’t waste any time. They didn’t have a pocket knife so they used their car key to cut the rope and take him out of the bag. They then wrapped him in a warm coat and took him back home with them. The poor dog was so frightened, he shook the entire way.

They named the little survivor Bubba. Wade and Mandi gave Bubba a bath. He was filthy and covered in dirt and urine. After his bath, Bubba began to relax.

“I felt like that was a big trust thing. I think he knows that we saved him,” Wade said. The couple made sure Bubba was nice and comfortable for the night, with their other two dogs.

The very next morning, they brought him to the vet’s office. That’s when the couple discovered that the little dog hadn’t just been tied inside a feed bag and left for dead, he had also been shot! The wound was on the inside of his upper leg. The theory is that his former owner tried to kill him and when the gunshot failed, he tied him up inside the bag hoping he would suffocate. Poor Bubba!

But the bad guy failed! And now Bubba is safe and sound, staying with the Shapps until Dallas DogRRR can find him a new forever home.

The Shapps have two other dogs who have gladly let Bubba into their pack. They’re in no rush to get rid of Bubba… They want to be by his side until he makes a full recovery.

Wade and Budda have also become close friends. Bubba loves going to work with Wade. The entire family really appreciates Bubba’s tenacity. He’s a good dog with a winning personality who, according to the Shapps, will have no trouble finding a new forever home.

It’s amazing how tough one little dog can be!

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