‘Aggressive’ dog was set to be killed, but one woman begged for a chance to see him

We are often told that love can move mountains. We are so used to hearing about such words that they no longer have any meaning to us.

We hear them but we can no longer understand their true meaning. In this video, we see what those words truly mean.

A dog in South Africa had been accused of being aggressive and dangerous without reason.

That means it was going to be put to sleep. In other words, it was going to be killed in the most humane way possible. That would still be taking a life though, even though it…

This dog was set to be put down because of its aggressiveness and lack of training.

But this trainer had a different idea. She would use patience to get him to trust her and make him a house pet.

She later brought in his starving pup, and they lived together with her other dogs in total harmony.

It’s just so lovely to see someone finally caring about a dog and giving it a chance. A gentle hand and a loving heart can work all manner of miracles..

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