Adorable Dog Couldn’t Imagine He Finally Got A Home After 2381 Days In The Shelter

Finally, after Higgins had been in the shelter for 2,381 days, someone came for him.

A man named Brendon Reed walked in and told the shelter staff he was there to adopt Higgins. The staff was shocked and excited—finally, someone wanted to give Higgins the home he deserved.

(Facebook/Humane Society of Preble County)

Apparently, Reed had been eyeing Higgins on the shelter’s Facebook page and always wondered why no one adopted him. According to The Dodo, Reed read about Higgin’s story and immediately felt a connection.

Reed just purchased a new house in Xenia and now that he’s all settled, he thought it was time to look for a companion, and Higgins was the right dog for him.

He filled out the paperwork and took Higgins home. The dog was so happy to finally have a place to call his own.

“He is just so happy, it’s kind of crazy,” Reed said. “He just likes to chillax.”

Higgins is having a great time in his new home!

(Facebook/Humane Society of Preble County)

He loves running around his backyard, and he enjoys going on long walks with Now, Higgins is perfectly content napping on the sofa and running around Reed’s backyard and even has his own Snapchat handle @higginsdoggo where you can keep up with his daily life.

This pup has gone through so much, but he has finally found the right place to call home.

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