Adorable Dog Couldn’t Imagine He Finally Got A Home After 2381 Days In The Shelter

After so long in the shelter, everyone assumed there was something wrong with Higgins. “His face always had such a worried look on it that he was a little intimidating when he was in his kennel,” Renner said. “People just walked past him.”

“Nobody ever came looking for him, nobody ever cared,” she added

(Facebook/Humane Society of Preble County)

It was a question that Renner said was brought up often. Weeks turned into months, which turned into years. Suddenly, it had been six and a half years since the German Shepherd arrived.

Those working at the shelter watched Higgins grow older, hoping that someone would open their home to him eventually.

(Facebook/Humane Society of Preble County)

While Higgins was properly raised in the Humane Society’s care, a shelter doesn’t compare to the love of a proper family.

“We wanted him to be able to crawl up onto a soft couch and watch TV, run in his own backyard and have his very own person to love,” the Human Society wrote on Facebook.

(Facebook/Humane Society of Preble County)

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