Woman Honors Mother’s Last Wish Throwing a Party For Her 20-Year-Old Dog

Wheezy  – is a dachshund from East Texas. Last week she turned 20 years old and everyone came to celebrate.

“Some people think it’s nuts to have parties for a dog. But she is more than that to me and my family,” owner Pattie McClung said.

Wheezy belonged to McClurg’s mother, who died six years ago.

The last thing her mother said was: “Please promise me you’ll take good care of my little Wheezy. “

She told her: “Mother, you don’t have to worry. I will take such good care of that little dog.”

Pattie McClung and Wheezy

Many years ago, Wheezy was rescued from a puppy mill and she found a warm place beside McClurg’s mother and they have been inseparable since then. After a few years Pattie’s mother and husband got sick.

“My mother and my husband were in hospice at the same time,”  Wheezy said.

“We went through everything imaginable together. I couldn’t make it without that dog. She loved me when I didn’t love myself.”

When Wheezy turned 20, family and friends, including some of Wheezy’s closest pals – a group of rescue dogs – cameto the birthday party.

Credit: Pattie McClung/Facebook

All the dogs enjoyed the party.

“She is such a little diva. … Every time the door rang she would go running to the door. Everybody would get so tickled,” McClung said.

McClung shared the party photos on social media. She’s kept her promise, caring for her mother’s beloved friend.

“I think my mother would be proud,” she said.

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