Woman Hears Cries As She Drives By Storm Drain But Is Startled To See A Kitten Stuck Inside

Animals are able to get stuck in some of the strangest places. If any animal is frightened, they will rush to hide and then not realize that hiding has actually gotten them into a position they cannot get themselves out of.

The Michigan Humane Society got a call one day after a woman was driving down a busy road and heard someone crying. sThat someone turned out to be Winnie, a tiny gray kitten that had gotten trapped in a storm drain. Winnie’s cries were not soft, this kitten was working hard to be heard!

The organization rushed out to help. Amanda Boots, a rescue driver, worked fast to get Winnie out of the drain, using a safe rope she was able to latch onto Winnie in the storm drain and pull her up.

Had the caller kept driving after hearing the cries, who knows what could have happened to Winnie! But now that she’s been rescued, Winnie is a happy and healthy kitten that loves to play!

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