Woman Goes Into Nursing Home, Then Neighbors Realize Her Pregnant Yorkie Has Been Alone One Month

Animals can be neglected for many reasons, including malicious and unintentional disregard. When Winnie’s owner was admitted into a nursing home, she was left alone in the home for a month. She’d been quickly forgotten during the commotion and had no interaction with humans for a month.

But before her owner left, Winnie became pregnant. A concerned friend realized how long Winnie had been alone and that she had a litter of five puppies, so they called SICSA to let them know what happened.

From the lack of care, Winnie’s fur became matted. Her nails were so long she could barely walk. SICSA worked with a veterinarian to give Winnie a much-needed makeover.

They spared no expense or time in making sure Winnie felt fresh and new! She got a bath, a haircut, and a manicure, and was looked over head-to-toe to assure that she was in good shape. Now that they’ve been rescued, Winnie and her five puppies will be up for adoption soon!

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