Woman Gets 8 Years In Prison For Gravely Injuring a Husky Pup

A jury took less than two hours to return a guilty verdict of a woman who claims to have rescued two Siberian husky’s before one was found gravely injured with puncture wounds. Sharon Diane Finley, 56, of Axtell, Texas sat stunned as the jury foreperson read the verdicts out loud convicting her of two counts of animal cruelty. Soon after, Finely could be seen muttering to herself quietly, while nodding her head in disbelief.

Authorities aren’t fully sure what Finley’s motives were in this case, however, what they do know is that sometime last month, she drove into the nearby town of Waco, Texas, when she noticed two lost Siberian husky dogs named Thor and Loki walking alongside a road.

Finley approached the dogs and placed both into the back seat of her car, and told the jury that she drove around for hours searching for their “rightful owner.” When she couldn’t find their owners, Finley left them with a friend of hers, who happens to be a neighbor, and continued to search. The neighbor testified in court that the dogs then broke out of her home, and fled to the nearby highway 84 where Thor, in particular, was struck by a vehicle.

However, prosecutors painted a very different version of events on that fateful day. They told the jury comprised of 8 woman and 4 men that Finley spotted the dogs, kidnapped them, and when one of them(Thor) tried to get away, she took out her pocket knife and stabbed him repeatedly. Finley then took Thor’s lifeless body to a nearby ditch, dug a shallow grave, and buried him there.

An anonymous tipster led police to Finley, who was subsequently interviewed about the disappearance of both Loki and Thor. After her answers were not truthful, police obtained a search warrant and found what amounted to a smoking gun in the back of her car.

The last know image taking of Thor by his father Matthew Daniels

Blood was found splattered in the backseat of her truck and DNA testing later unveiled that it was consistent with that of a canine. Authorities also recovered a knife tucked underneath the passenger car seat. Finley was arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty in the death of Thor. Because of her extensive rap sheet which includes driving while intoxicated, and credit card fraud, prosecutors decided to take a plea deal off the table and take the case to trial.

Finley was sentenced to 8 years in state prison and ordered to pay fines and court fees. After the judge read her sentence to a stunned Finley, she could be seen sobbing as she was led away in handcuffs.

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