Woman Found Hidding Cat In a Handbag On 7,000-Mile Flight Between Canada And New Zealand

A Canadian woman tried to hide her pet cat in a luggage and fly with it on a 7,000-mile flight from Canada to New Zealand. She arrived from Vancouver, after a 14-hour flight.

Then, the woman and her husband tried to trick the agents at Auckland Airport, but they were caught. The New Zealand Government described this situation as “reckless and dangerous”. New Zealand has strict regulations for importing pets.

Cats and dogs from approved countries must have the microchip and they must stay in quarantine 10 days after arrival.

The couple said they had nothing to declare. The woman did not agree to have her small handbag X-rayed and insisted it had already been checked before by other officers.

“She was very reluctant to have the hand bag x-rayed, saying it had already been checked by our quarantine officers. She only revealed the cat after we insisted the bag will have to undergo further biosecurity checks.” Craig Hughes

When the situation started to become worse, she finally declared she has a cat inside and the ticketing agent was informed about Bella when she bought the ticket.

Hughes said even if he will accept the woman’s story as being true, it is still unacceptable to bring a cat across the border without declaring it and keep it for 14 hours in a small bag.

She became nervous after being sent home. She had plans to have a nice holiday with her husband and her cat in New Zealand.

“We believe this was a deliberate and very stupid attempt at smuggling. There are strict biosecurity rules in place to stop imported cats and dogs from introducing pests and diseases into New Zealand. The passenger clearly decided those rules didn’t apply to her.” Hughes said.

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