Woman Finds a Box On The Roadside During a Snowstorm, What She Discovered Inside Left Her In Tears

OHIO – During a freezing snowstorm, a woman found a box on the roadside but when she opened it, she had a surprise!

She couldn’t believe her eyes when inside the box discovered four small and cute kittens!

It’s fight to survive without water, food and a warm place during such horrible weather. Fortunately this woman found them just in time.

She immediately called the police for help, they took the box with kittens and sent it to Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL).

 “Thankfully – we had no idea how long they had been outside – their eyes were a little runny, maybe from the cold, but they checked out okay” Sharon Harvey, CEO of APL, said

The kittens are approximately six weeks old and got their names after characters from the classic movie, The Sandlot: Smalls, Squints, Repeat and Benny.

They will stay to a foster family until they are big and strong enough to be put for adopted.

If you have informations regarding these kittens’ abandonment you can call the hotline: (216) 377 – 1630.

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