Woman Dies After Running Into Burning House To Save Her Two Cats

TAIWAN – 23-year-old woman died after entering her burning house to save her two cats. After 2 days one of her cats was found alive and unharmed.

Tuesday morning in Taichung City, a young woman called Tsai Yueh-ling, died because she to save her two beloved cats. A person on the scene said Tsai was outside and safe when she reentered the burning house because she believed the cats were still trapped inside.

12 fire trucks and over 100 firefighters tried for 30 minutes to extinguish the massive blaze. When firefighters got inside the burnt house, they found Tsai lying on the ground embracing one of the cats, but the other cat was still missing.

The woman’s aunt asked for help on Facebook to help her locate Duoduo – the missing cat.

“Duoduo is our only hope, and finding him will help Yueh-ling rest in peace, Duoduo is her most beloved child.”

Thursday morning, she announced on Facebook that the feline is alive and unharmed.

A lot of cat owners said they would do the same to save their pets. But Chun Tien animal hospital head said cats and dogs have strong survival instincts and they will always find a way to escape the fire. He said pet owners should consider their own safety first.

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