Wolf Dog Who Was Being Sold For Drugs Can’t Stop Staring Into His Rescuers’ Eyes

Wolf dogs are being sold for meth. Each dog could bring in at least a thousand dollars’ worth. Undercover agents in San Bernardino, California heard about the drug deal and went to the property posing as meth buyers.

The agents were able to intercept the exchange and confiscate the wolf dog, named Wolfee, on the property.

wolf dog sold for meth

Wolfee was still in danger because it is illegal in the LA area to have a wolf dog. There are not many certified wolf rescues in the area, and Wolfee couldn’t be placed in a private home.

wolf dog sold for meth

Wolfee was a ‘low content’ wolf dog, which meant he was more dog than wolf. He had been mislabeled by his owners and it jeopardized his life.

wolf dog sold for meth

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