Veteran Surrenders His 2 Senior Pets, But They Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Side

When animals wind up in animal shelters, it is not always because they were unloved and abused. Sometimes, life does not work out as planned and unforeseen things happen.

People who no longer can look after themselves often have to part ways with their beloved pets. In some circumstances, these pets go to a family member. But if no one can take in the animals, or there is no one left in the family for them to go to, they are turned over. This happened at the Michigan Humane Society.

Lilly and Kakee are a dog and cat pair who were surrendered when their veteran owner went into a retirement home. The senior animals are in good spirits and health, so they did not go unloved.

But now that they are in a shelter, not everyone looks to adopt two senior pets together. But Lilly and Kakee are best friends who have no plans to part ways this late in their lives. The two are basically attached at the hip!

They have not been adopted yet, but these two are looking to find a new home together in time for the holidays!

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