Very Determined Stray Cat Wanted So Much To Be With This Family, So She Escaped From The Shelter And Found Them!

One day, a stray cat showed up at a family’s doorstep looking for a home. The family already had two cats so instead, they tried to find her another home.

However, the cat had her own ideas, escaped and found her way back.She chose this particular family as her own and simply wouldn’t take no for an answer! This is Michelob!


“This stray cat showed up at my house. We already have 2 inside cats, so we couldn’t keep her. I trapped her and took her to a rescue group,” FreckledFaceGinger shared on imgur. But this little tabby wasn’t going to give up that easily.

“As I was taking the trap out of my vehicle, she escaped and made a run for it. 3 days later, I wake up one morning and see her sitting at the back door. It’s approximately 3 miles back to my house.”


Well, the family soon realized that they’re now going to be proud parents of 3 cats.

“Her name is Michelob because that is what I was drinking the night she showed up.”


After a trip to the vet, they discovered that she had already been spayed, but they weren’t able to find a microchip.

“They clipped her ear in case she ran off they would know she has been spayed.”

“I am a sucker, she’s won me over.”


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