Unloved Dog Covered in Cancerous Tumors Is Unrecognizable After Miraculous Healing

Mexico City, 2015. Animal rights activist Dalia Gámez is driving through her neighborhood when she spots something heart-breaking. Lying by the side of the road is a dog ravaged with cancerous tumors. Dalia decides to take the dog home with her, and names him Boby.

Cancer dog 1

Dalia and Boby immediately head to the vets to get the tumors examined. They determine that the dog is two years old, and send him for chemotherapy to treat the tumors. The level of treatment needed to deal with the tumors will be harsh on Boby, so Dalia decides to stay with him whilst he receives it.

Cancer dog 2

Vets say that Boby needs to receive 8 lots of chemotherapy in a 2 month period. This will take a massive toll on Boby’s already frail body. Will he survive the treatment?

Cancer dog 4

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