Two Abused Dogs Comforting Each Other At Shelter Will Move You to Tears

Sammie is just 4 months old and had experienced a lot of brutal abuses. He had to endure a lot of bad things at the hands of his owners. It’s unimaginable how some human beings can treat their own pet.

Sammie was found nearly dead on the side of the road, spray-painted, tied up and dragged behind a car, then he was shot in his head. Somehow, he miraculously survived and was rescued by the Rescue Dogs Rock New York.

At the same time, Simon was rescued after he had suffered severe abuses as well. Despite everything that happened to him, Simon is an extremely loving dog.

Simon decided to comfort Sammie and took him under his wing. He started to show his affection for Sammie. It look like he understands he understands the Sammies’s situation.

One day, while Sammie was lying on the surgery table, Simon came over and placed his paw on the table in an attempt to offer him comfort! Sammie noticed his gesture and accepted Simon’s offer of friendship.

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