Town Approves $500 Fine For Pet Owners Who Leave Animals Outside In The Snow

In Rockville, Maryland, town officials have just approved a piece of legislature, that could have nationwide implications. Beginning today, residents of Rockville were warned that if they leave their animals tethered outside during the cold, they will be fined up to $500 for violating such ordinance.

Thomas Koenig, the director of the Montgomery County Animal Services Division says that his officers will enforce the ordinance which states:

“A person must not tether a dog under circumstances that endanger its health, safety, or well-being including: unattended tethering of the dog during a weather emergency.”

Enforcement of the regulations will go into effect during times of extreme cold, heavy snow and winds, all of which can be detrimental to the health of a dog, and other animals no matter how thick their coats are.


Montgomery County officials are urging all residents to bring their dogs inside from extreme weather because even animals who are accustomed to living in the cold, can be susceptible to the dangers of cold weather.

The Montgomery County Animal Services Division is urging anyone who lives in the jurisdiction who witnesses a dog, or any other animal left tethered outside during extreme weather emergencies to call 301-279-8000.

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