Tiny Kitten Weighed Less Than A Pound When She Was Discovered In A Trash Bin. 10 Months Later…

Emma, a tiny tabby kitten, and her five siblings were discovered dumped in a bin when they were just days old. The six tiny cats had been left for days without food, water, or care, reported Love Meow.

A social worker stumbled upon the six young animals and alerted Paul ‘the cat guy’, a man who rescues and feeds cats on the streets. Recognizing that the cats needed urgent care, he immediately enlisted the help of the NYC-based rescue association, Little Wanderers.

Unfortunately, by the time that they arrived, it was already way too late for two of Emma’s siblings, and they hadn’t made it. She, Cooper and Gracie, the surviving kittens, remained in critical condition and were taken straight to the shelter. Little Wanderers said to Love Meow:

The social worker attempted to feed them by providing wet food but the kittens were too young to eat it and could only lick the gravy.

The remaining three were taken in by a new foster mother, named Joanne, who regularly welcomes cats in need and nurses them back to health. However, despite the best of her efforts and providing all the care she could, the rest of Emma’s siblings didn’t either, and she was left alone.

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