This Woman Paid $10,000 To Take 41 Street Cats Home With Her

Laura Inglis’s personal motto could be “no cat left behind.” When she left Spain to go home to Scotland, she took 41 street cats with her. And she spent £8,000 pounds or $10,000 on their air fare and travel expenses, according to STV News.

“I could not bear to leave them there because they had all been through such a traumatic time already and most likely they would not survive,” she told STV News. She is now spending £600 pounds a month or $780 on food for them.

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For eight years, Laura worked as a project analyst for the Royal Bank of Scotland in for Gibraltar, where she adopted injured and abandoned cats wandering the streets near her home in the town of Puerto de la Duquesa.

When she moved back home to be  with her mother, she took the cats along. “So now I am in Edinburgh with 41 cats, which is not really suitable because I live in the city centre near to busy roads, therefore I am now in the process of finding each and every one of them a safe and loving home.”

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She promised her mother she would find homes for them. Laura hoping to raise the £10,500 to pay for shots, deworming and blood tests needed to make them adoptable. “I am not a charity and I do not receive any assistance financially from any charities or other cat organizations,” she told STV News. “Everything I have previously done and still do for the cats has been paid out of my own pocket.

Laura brought the cats over with the help of ALStrays, an organization which works to re-home abandoned and stray cats.  “The way they [cats] are treated in Spain is pretty atrocious,” said Chris Marshall, one of Inglis’s co-workers. If you want to help, you can contact Laura on her  Facebook page.

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