This Tiny Kitty Lost an Ear But He Never Lost The Hope! Watch His Beautiful Transformation!

Hearo is a tiny ginger kitty who had lost an ear, but he got a second chance to life.

He was six weeks old when he came to The Humane Society of Utah. One of his ears was missing and he had an ugly head injury.

“He already used up one of his nine lives when he had an unfortunate encounter with heavy machinery but his rambunctious personality is proof that he’s not letting his past get in the way of a long full life,” HSU said.

He got an emergency surgery and a lot of care from the vets.

credit The Humane Society of Utah

All he wanted was cuddles and more cuddles.

credit The Humane Society of Utah

“Hearo was too small for a standard E-collar to prevent him from scratching his ear, so his foster mom made one, and Hearo was able to play like any other kitten.”

He got a cone fashioned from a paper plate to protect his head.

credit The Humane Society of Utah

He still could climb up the legs of his foster mom.

credit The Humane Society of Utah

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