This Shelter Dog Who Beat Cancer And Helped Rescue A Cat Wants To Be Adopted!

Leopard, a 6-year-old Shar Pei mix, not only survived her battle with cancer, she also helped save the life of a stranded cat in peril.

Despite her sweet disposition and courageous nature, Leopard is still waiting at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio for her own hero to come along and rescue her.

A shelter volunteer was taking Leopard for her walk when the dog suddenly began to pull her towards a sewer grate. She laid down next to it and refused to move. When the volunteer looked closer, she saw that a small gray cat was trapped inside the sewer.

The shelter Facebook page shared the dramatic rescue, hailing Leopard a hero.

“While Leopard was out on her walk this afternoon, she alerted the volunteer to the sound of crying in the sewer. Volunteers and deputies were able to retrieve the cat and all is well. The cat has now gone home to stay with one of our volunteers and Leopard (kennel 2) is a hero!!”

Image Source: Cuyahoga Dogs/ Leopard’s Adoption Page

The cat was slightly dehydrated and very hungry, but otherwise unharmed. Thanks to Leopard she is now living the luxurious kitty-life at the home of one of the shelter volunteers.

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