This is the incredible moment Houston TV reporter saves an elderly driver from his submerged car during live report on historic flooding that follows 16 inches of rain in 24 hours.

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Steve Campion was preparing to go live on breaking news coverage of the flooding across the Houston area when he saw a man drive into an area of deep water near an underpass.

He yelled at the man to get out of the car, and soon the man emerged, flustered as to what he should do next. Shortly thereafter, the man opens the passenger door and crawls out into the water as the reporter yells: ‘Leave the car! Swim!

The driver pauses for a moment, worrying about his car, but then swims toward Campion, who wades out into the waist-deep water and extends his hand. As the car slowly sinks under water, the driver tells Campion that he’s OK and that he didn’t think the water was so deep.

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This Reporter Is Supposed to Do His Job, But Instead Casually Saves Old Man’s Life On Live TV – ViralAbout