This Kitten Was So Ugly That Nobody Wanted To Love Her, Until One Little Girl Discovered Her

This kitten has been given the nickname, Gulumser, which means “she who always smiles.” And for an animal that’s suffered this badly, it seems perfectly appropriate, especially when you consider the fact that Gulumser was also given a second chance by a most unexpected person. You see, while wandering the streets of Istanbul, this little deformed kitten, was so hideous¬†looking that no one would even touch her. They couldn’t look past the obvious issues that she suffered from to even offer her a bit of comfort.

We Know It’s Difficult To Look At Her

This Poor Baby Has Obviously Suffered A Lot

And the fragile little feline, which was obviously suffering from a multitude of serious problems, was considered “too ugly” and “too frightening” to even bother with. As you tell by looking at the pictures of her, she was missing most of her tiny nose, had a horribly infected eye, and was just plain scraggly looking and malnourished. No one wanted this kitten…


Until a little seven-year-old girl happened to come along. The little girl was just poking around the garbage cans where Gulumser happened to hang out, and she pleaded with her parents to allow her to adopt the sad little kitty. Her father, reluctantly agreed and they took the pitiful kitten home with them. After taking the kitten to the vet, something rather remarkable began to happen.

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