This Kitten Couldn’t Move Her Back Legs, But Two Kind Persons Fought Tirelessly To Offer Her a New Life

Monkey the little miracle kitty was rescued from a difficult and abusive environment that left her with paralyzed hindquarters. But she didn’t give up fighting!

Photo: Monkey The Miracle Kitten

After losing the use of her back legs, Monkey tried everything she could to survive. She was just two weeks old when she was rescued by a kind person named Tegan, who brought the little kitten to safety.

The nearest vet or supermarkets were 8 hours drive away, so the rescuers (Tegan and Kyleigh) worked tirelessly with very limited resources to save the little kitten.

“With warm baths, hourly feeds, a comfy bed and lots of rest and cuddles, Monkey amazingly began to gain strength,” Kyleigh said.

The little kitten, who was found semi-lifeless and small enough to be held in the palm of a hand, started to show strength, curiosity and affection.

Photo: Monkey The Miracle Kitten

She began to thrive under her rescuers’ care. “Like a monkey amidst the trees, she surprised everyone who came in her path, with her incredible strength using only her upper body to explore the red earth surrounds.”

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