This Hero Cat Comforts Sick And Injures Animals At The Shelter, After Barely Escaping Death Himself!

After barely escaping death himself, from a serious respiratory infection, Radamenes, a cat in Bydgoszcz, Poland now has a beautiful story to tell.

When he was brought in as a tiny kitten, the poor thing was so sick that everyone feared he might have to be put down.

But, when the tiny thing began purring, the vets had a feeling that perhaps, Radamenes still had a zest for life. He didn’t want to give up. At least not right then.

After a while, Radamenes started to recover, and as soon as he was able to get around again, he surprised the staff by loving on and caring for his fellow injured and sick animals!

He would comfort them with hugs and loving kisses, cleaning them as they themselves recuperated.

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