This Dog Was Hit By A Car And Then Euthanized, But What Happened Next Left Them Speechless!

Shelter workers as well as veterinarians dedicate their lives to taking care of animals, sadly however, when a shelter doesn’t have enough room, these devoted people are the ones that must end the lives of the innocent animals that couldn’t find their forever home in time.

The Ozark City Animal Shelter in Alabama is a temporary home for many animals that are brought in from off the streets. Any animals that haven’t been adopted after staying at the shelter for more than a week, unfortunately, have to be humanely euthanized.

So, in the case of a mixed-breed dog that wasn’t adopted and was recovering from a car accident, the shelter was faced with the unpleasant task of euthanizing him.

“That evening, a vet came to put to sleep the dogs on the list to die,” Two By Two Rescue explained. “After euthanizing the dogs, he verifies that the heartbeat has ceased.

As he checked this particular dog, he heard a faint heartbeat and euthanized him again. He rechecked his heartbeat and signed off on the records that the four-year-old black shepherd mix was dead.”

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