This Dog Spent Her Life In A Rusted Box, Now She Gets Emotional Whenever Her Feet Touch The Ground!

It’s almost unbelievable to think that anyone could really be intentionally merciless to one of our adorable doggie friends. Sadly, however, there truly are people in this world that abuse and neglect their animals simply because it gives them a feeling of power over another living creature.

Sweet, little Liszka is a lovable dog that was forced to grow up in the most horrific conditions. Ever since Liszka was a tiny puppy, her cruel owner made her live her life in a cramped, rusted cage covered in her own droppings.


Month after month went by as Liszka lay cooped up in this small cage, knowing absolutely nothing about the outside world. She had such little room, and was forced to be so stationery that her poor hind legs literally began to freeze up from not using them.

And although it’s horrible that her heartless human abused her so terribly, we can all be thankful to the group of rescuers who just happened to discover the pitiful animal begging for a little attention and love.


Liszka’s human was so threatening toward the rescue team that they were forced to call the police for some help.

Since her rescue, sweet little Liszka’s life has been full of people who actually understand how animals should be treated. And even though her legs are still trying to heal from her abuse, she’s making strides to strengthen her body and become a healthy, happy little dog.

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